4 Jun 2013

Trip to New York (February 2013)

As some of you may know (if you read my blog), I flew to New York in February to sit the LSAT. After having my flight delayed for four hours (original flight was 8:45pm left at 12:30am), I landed in JFK to streets lined with snow.

Mind you I have never seen snow before and was completely ill prepared for the weather. As I worked from the airport to the catch a train to Brooklyn, I could not feel my hands or feet. I arrived at the apartment around 6am and promptly fell asleep from complete jetlay. I woke up at 1pm to the sight of cars and trees submerged under mountains of snow.

Streets lined with snow first day in NYC

After staying indoors for all of two days, I decided to embrace the weather by venturing outside. I started by walking  in the neighborhood of Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Random church in Brooklyn

 After two days of walking all over Brooklyn, I decided to head to Manhattan. Having been to Manhattan only once before ( July 2013) with my husband, I was scared initially as I did not know how to "get around". So armed with a MTA map, I started my adventure.

Random Times Square picture
Streets of Times Square
Good Morning America studio
Random hustler on Times Square
More Times Square hustlers
Music band playing in Subway
Lunch on the go
Macy's on 34th Street
H&M on 34th Street
Bloomingdales- Too expensive for me
Where I plan to live when I move to NYC...lol
Valentines Day in Manhattan
Food on the go
View from DSW @ Union Square
Union Square
Food on the go
 Overall my trip to NYC although short (10 days) was extremely rewarding. I got alot of shopping done and was able to explore Manhattan on my own without getting lost (okay well not completely lost). Sadly, I did not sit the LSAT exam due to an over whelming feeling of not being prepared. However, I plan to sit the exam in October so stay tuned.

25 Feb 2013

Trip to St Vincent (December 2012)

My very good friend got married in St Vincent on December 23rd, 2012. My husband could not make the trip so I decided to bring my Mom along for the experience. Unfortunately, I could only stay for 2 days so I did not get to experience the true beauty of the small island but the trip was fun nonetheless. Check out a few pics from the trip.

A beauty pic of the sea from the fish market

Kingston, the capital of the country

View of the sea from the city

Crab hunting

Me being silly while waiting for the ceremony to start

Lovely bride and groom

Dressed to go out for dinner down by the beach

Changed ny dress for the wedding reception

Friendly people that I met down at the beach

Mom climbing the hill to go to the wedding

Going to the fish market

The largest tuna fish I have ever seen!

St Vincent is such a  beautiful country, I can't wait to go back someday.

18 Feb 2013

February 2013 LSAT Update

As scheduled, I flew to NYC from the Caribbean to sit the Feb 2013 LSAT exam at Brooklyn CUNY. Unfortunately, the test center was closed due to the blizzard and resulting adverse weather conditions on the day of the exam. 

The make-up exam was re-scheduled for 16th February.  However, I decided to postpone the exam until June 2013. I made this decision because overall I knew that I was not fully prepared for the exam. With extra time and preparation, I will be able to score at least 170 in the June exam. Will keep everyone updated as the exam date approaches.

28 Jan 2013

LSAT preparation- 11 days until the exam

My goal is to get 165 on my LSAT exam, I have only started studying hardcore about one month ago. Everyone is telling me that I should wait until June or October, but I am intend on starting Law School in Fall 2013. At this point my top picks for Law School are:

1. New York University- (They usually don't accept February LSAT results but I wrote to the Admissions office and pleaded with them to accept my application and they eventually said yes, thank God!)
3. Georgetown
4. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
5. Northwestern
7. University of Virginia

I applied to a number of other schools but these are my top seven. I have a good GPA of 3.85, so hopefully with a LSAT of 165, I have a change of getting into one of those schools. I really want to stay in the NYC area so NYU or Cornell would be great.

Preparing for the LSAT in one month while being employed full time is a risky and stressful venture but I am trying my best. I have not yet loss hope. At this point, I am simply trying to finish read the PowerScore Bibles (I purchased all three). With 11 days until the exam I am still in a good place and praying for the best.

Progress Report:

  1. Finished reading the Logical Reasoning (LR) and Logic Games (LG) Bible- I have re-read the LR bible, at this point I am simply trying to internalize the various strategies (still have to re-read the LG bible)
  2. Recently started reading the Reading Comprehension (RC) bible (it is not as detailed as the others but I am going to read it anyway)

22 Jan 2013

Preparing for LSAT in less than 1 month

Hi Guys, it’s been a long time. A lot has happened since, I just came back from a short  vacation in St Vincent (will post pictures soon) and I am currently applying for Law School. Unfortunately, I am not very well prepared. I am flying to NYC to sit the exam on February 9th, however, I only started studying less than 2 weeks ago.

I have a very strong GPA of 3.85 and I am aiming for a least 165 on the exam. I know it seems impossible but I still want to attempt it. If any of you have ever sat the LSAT exam and have any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. 

14 Nov 2012

Mixed Prints- Polka Dots and Stripes

A few days ago, I decided to try my hand at mixing prints. Because this concept is new to me I chose to take baby steps. We all know that you can never go wrong with black and white so I decided to use that as my base colour.

If you know me well you would know that I love polka dots..I just adore that pattern and I recently bought this skirt at JC Penney and was dying to wear it. 

 Skirt: JC Penney
Vest: H&M
Cardigan: Old
Shoes: Old

I added the red belt to achieve a little pop of colour. I hope that you all like the final look! PS I apologize for the background, my husband is my photographer and he does not take his job very seriously lol.

21 Oct 2012

Thursday Workflow

Oh my! It's been such a long time since my last post, I have missed you guys tremendously. Like I said in my last post I recently landed a new job and boy is it demanding! I find myself in the office until 8pm on most nights. Nonetheless, I have been able to take a few outfit shots.

I wore this outfit a week ago to the office. It was Thursday and I was really stressed out so I decided to brighten my day. I had this skirt for quite sometime and never wore it, so I decided to pair it with some bright pieces to uplift the look.

Please note that I am not very good at posing for pictures..lol

Skirt: Larry Levine (Similar here)
Vest: Mall Store
Cardigan: Mall Store
Necklace: Aldo
Shoes: Calvin Klein (Available Here)

Hopefully, it would not take me so long to post my next look.

23 Aug 2012

All Black Everything

My husband decided to take me out to dinner as compensation for "family time" lost due to him working  the  entire weekend. For our night out, I decided to wear my black and white polka dot dress from Forever 21.

Dress: Forever21 (available here)
Shoes: Clavin Klien (similar here)
Earrings: Forever21
Belt: Local Boutique
I paired the dress with a green belt, I was thinking about using red but decided to try something new.I also wore a pair of Calvin Klien heels that I bought at Macy's and studded heart shaped earrings from Forever21.

What I love most about this dress it the open back  which gives it an extra sexy feeling. 

What do you think?

12 Aug 2012

Greetings from the Caribbean

As part of my new blog outlook, I have decided to start a series called " Greetings from the Caribbean". It's basically a weekly review of all things me i.e. fashion, sports, movies, work, travel etc. Since this is the first instalment, this would be a recap of the entire month (I apologise in advance for the length).

New Job
After a series of interviews, I finally have a new job with one of the World's Big Four Accounting firms. I would be working in the Advisory Department,  basically assisting companies  with Mergers and Acquisition, Business Valuation etc. A major bonus is travel, I am required to travel to other Caribbean islands where the company has offices. So look forward to the pics of my travel (and new work wardrobe).

New Hair Style
Every three weeks I visit my hair dresser to get a new hairstyle. I know the craze right now is Brazilian virgin human hair, however I still use synthetic hair from time to time. Check out the pic of my new hairstyle (minus make-up):

I am wearing Freetress Sweet Sixteen and Rose Body in #1, its affordable and it looks good. It last for about two to three weeks. I love human hair but I like to change my looks regularly so synthetic hair is useful at times.  I am going to do Brazilian Virgin Human Hair for my new job which starts next month so look out for the pics.

Current Obsession(s)
Pretty Little Liars

I am glued to my laptop every night watching past episodes of "Pretty Little Liars" I get a lot of perky, college "white girl" style inspiration from that show (Gossip Girl as well).

Jeffrey Campbell

I am obsessed with his platforms and wedges plus they are so affordable. My must have right now is shown above.

Caribbean Olympic  Pride
Unless you live under a rock you must know that the Caribbean is bringing the heatttt for the Olympics. Team Jamaica, Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago are making the Caribbean proud.

The Caribbean athletes are bringing home medal and medal and settling/breaking records. I am just glowing with Caribbean proud.

I was able to catch some pics of my Mom and eldest sister on their way to church. I have a large family (eleven brothers and sisters) so I am always happy to pose for some pics with mi familia.

Mummy and Eldest Sister
Mummy and I
Eldest Sister and I
In case your wondering, I am wearing a dress from Forever21, sandals from Bakers, handbag from Aldo (on sale now for $22), watch DKNY and earrings Forever21.

Stay tune for next weeks post in  "Greetings from the Caribbean"